Alcohol & Painkillers

By Rich Nairn Cover To Alcohol And Painkillers
Publisher: Rich Nairn
ISBN: 9798681496953

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This has been an extraordinary year. There have been many highs and lows and it’s easy to forget every uncharted twist and turn. Fortunately for us, Rich Nairn has been keeping a diary in cartoon form, noting down the events both national and personal that shaped the first lockdown.

I was concerned that I’d find reliving it all, albeit through someone else’s experience, a depressing read. But, far from it. Rich’s combination of self-deprecation, observation and honesty is utterly absorbing. Because the lockdown is a shared experience – something we all went through – you can’t help but get drawn into the similarities and contrasts. It’s funny, too, poking fun at the absurdity of a caricaturist with no work, sharing his home with his in-laws who don’t speak English, with the only real challenge being to occupy a two-year-old, day in, day out.

Engrossing and entertaining, Alcohol and Painkillers is just the tonic.  

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