Bear’s Tooth Vol 3: Werner

By Yann & Henriet
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849183512

To date this has been an exceptional series about three friends torn apart by the rise of Hitler and the outbreak of war. The first two volumes have taken the time to show us the depth of that initial friendship, the friends’ passion for aviation, and how, years later, two of them find themselves on opposite sides as the war draws to a conclusion.

The aviation thread runs through every aspect of the storytelling, and Henriet’s artwork does it immense justice in all the various forms of flying machines he depicts. Also, some of the artwork in this volume reminded me of Alan Davis’s work, and that’s definitely a thumbs up from me.

So it is a story about flying, but at its heart it’s a tale of friendship, trust, honour and ambition. Throughout the previous books there’s been one character not properly accounted for, and the reason for that is finally explained within these pages – and it’s a shocker too. 

The creators have managed to pull off their WWII tale by offering an utterly different and compelling angle, and it’s proof again of what’s achievable by the medium. Just imagine the CGI efforts and expense to create all those variants of aircraft. I’m also pleased to see that a second series is hinted at. That would be most welcome. If you’ve not picked up Bear’s Tooth yet then all three are available from the Cinebook website – what’s keeping you?

And if you liked that: Try Berlin, also from Cinebook.

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