Trent Vol 3: When The Lamps Are Lit

By Rodolphe & Leo
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849183864

The loneliness of the frozen north is taking its toll on Trent and so he finally makes the decision to return to Agnes and propose, only to discover that the home she once lived in is abandoned and that she’s married another. The next we see of Trent is him slumped in a frontier saloon, drowning his sorrows on whiskey. As he lays sprawled in his stupor masked criminals are torturing and killing locals to get hold of their money, although in his drunken state he does nothing to assist. When a gunfight breaks out and one of the crooks gets wounded and holes up in the town, Trent even goes as far as to help him. Something is not right with Trent’s world at all, but will it ever be right again.

Thanks in large part to Leo’s outstanding visuals, the two volumes to date have all managed to embrace the period and the vast expanses of frontier Canada with gusto, and this latest book is no exception. Beautifully rendered frames and spot-on colouring add to the cinematic air, and Rodolphe’s sparse dialogue and considered pacing give it all a gritty realism that has you empathising with Trent’s predicament and rooting for him to get a hold of himself. When the payoff comes it’s brilliantly done.

There may be no alien worlds or bizarre creatures in this, but what it has instead is a character you can’t help but invest in and a world as dangerous as any in of Leo’s colony planets where desperate people make foolhardy decisions and the innocent pay the price. Enjoying this series immensely.

And if you liked that: Look out for volume 4 coming soon.

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