Wayne Shelton Vol 5: The Vengeance

By Denayer & Cailleteau
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849183680

Shelton thought he’d found a son in the form of Tran, a baby he once saved from a Vietnamese massacre. Tran had grown to adulthood thinking of Shelton as his adoptive father but their path had only briefly crossed once again when Tran was murdered by modern-day pirates, and all linked to Hooker, the man responsible for the original massacre. So Shelton now must do what Shelton does best and pull off a daring act of vengeance. As always he’s got his friends at his back as he sinks into the seedier side of Bangkok to root out Hooker and his accomplices. 

For me, the Wayne Shelton books have been a genuine surprise. I didn’t think they’d be for me but the mix of mystery and adventure wrapped up in a tale of a team of specialists getting one over on the bad guys is involving and intriguing. Shelton looks like a character playing a game he’s slightly too old for, and although his age and ability to take the knocks is referenced, it’s his experience that often wins the day. A little less brawn and a little more brains. 

If you fancy reading something a little different then this could well be up your street, and as we’re only five volumes in you may as well jump right back to the start with volume one. 

And if you liked that: Next book is coming soon.

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