Lucky Luke 59: Bride Of Lucky Luke

By Morris & Guy Vidal
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849183055

Lucky Luke has been tasked with escorting a convoy from one side of the US to the other, something he’s done many a time before, but on this occasion it’s not settlers or cattle, but women. The townships that are springing up, founded by the early pioneers, are largely made up of men, and now those menfolk are hoping to settle down with a partner, and Luke’s got the job of getting their intendeds there safely. The group of women are headed for one particular town and have already selected their men from photographs, so all seems straight-forward enough, bar the Comanche, a criminal travelling in disguise, and, inevitably, the Daltons.

There’s also one other factor, that Cinebook have rightly addressed themselves at the beginning of the book, and that’s the somewhat questionable stereotyping of the women. As they point out, it’s casual sexism, which at the time of writing wouldn’t have turned many heads, but in today’s more enlightened world it does jar. There’s no malice, but it does feel out of step with something created for the contemporary market, and it certainly doesn’t spoil the book. It just needs bearing in mind that it was created at a different time, in the same way that watching a TV western or movie would reveal similar attitudes.

So all that aside, Luck gets to do what he does best, delivers his charges, and gets closer than perhaps Lucky Luke has ever got to married life.

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