Namibia: Episode 4

By Rodolphe, Leo & Marchal
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849183284

Strange encounters, unexplained sightings, and a curious subterranean base all appear to be connected, but Kathy Austin is struggling to connect them, and put them in context in the world of the 1940s’. Sir Charles, her superior and perhaps her strongest ally and champion, doubts her conclusions and yet he has extraordinary evidence of flying saucers that Kathy cannot credibly connect with her own experiences. Their discussion, on a private flight on-board a Lancaster bomber above Namibia, is interrupted by just the sort of phenomena they are debating, and it’s only Kathy’s cool head and quick wits that gets them to the ground safely. It’s here, in the middle of nowhere, that they learn just what the scale of the Earth’s predicament is.

Back in Lüderitz Sir Charles sets Kathy on her way to meeting her new partner, but by now the stakes have been raised and she’s clearly in danger. Finding herself on her own, and cornered, help comes from an unsuspecting quarter and sets her on a path of what could be a final confrontation.

Being the penultimate book, there’s a lot of setting up for the final play, plus an enormous reveal as to the size of the threat. Lacking any grand beasties, or anyone crumbling to dust for that matter, the story makes up for that loss by upping the science-fiction ante in other ways. Kathy’s character continues to be one of resourcefulness and consideration, making her both likeable and believable in her actions. Her stunt aboard the plane is executed brilliantly, toying with the readers’ experiences of Bond but playing out as a much more matter-of-fact, needs-must scenario. And Marchal’s art once again utterly complements that of Leo’s and draws you in fully to the period.

A great series, and the conclusion can’t come soon enough.

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