Lucky Luke Vol 52: The Beautiful Province

By Achdé & Gerra
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849182492

The Beautiful Province sees Lucky Luke heading north of the border into Quebec, chiefly to cheer up a love-sick Jolly Jumper who has fallen hard for a filly they meet at a rodeo. The horse in question has gone back home, so Luke takes his faithful steed to meet her once more, and naturally runs straight into trouble. The town they arrive at is being systematically bought up by a shameless rogue, while villains terrorise the countryside and prevent supplies getting through. It’s a desperate situation, and Lucky Luke’s just the man to sort it out.

This is a post-Morris tale that’s lovingly crafted to mimic the style of Lucky Luke’s creator. It’s beautifully done, to the point that I’m sure it would fool some. It’s also, due to the French connections of Quebec, full of little nods to French culture and featuring all manner of in-jokes. Cinebook acknowledge that an English-reading audience may not get many, if any, of them, so there’s a helpful guide at the opening of the book that you can make use of.

Despite Morris’s passing it’s good to know the legacy of Lucky Luke is in such good hands, without any desire to meddle with what works. I don’t think this should be the first Lucky Luke book you ever pick up (definitely aim for a classic Morris and Goscinny collaboration), but if it was I don’t think you’d be disappointed.

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