Spirou & Fantasio Vol 8: Tough Luck Vito

By Tome and JanrySpirou_8
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849182485

Spirou and Fantasio are taking a break in true adventurer style, by enjoying some Pacific sailing, but unfortunately it means crossing paths once again with the notorious Vito Cortizone who has crash-landed a plane into the lagoon of the island he now finds himself stranded upon. The cargo of the plane is all he has left from his life of crime, so he’s desperate to retrieve it, but the waters churn with predatory sharks and the only sign of life on the island are the scuttling crabs and a long-abandoned hotel, so Vito waits, slowly shedding his vast weight, until the day Spirou and Fantasio arrive to discover a man they don’t expect and fail to recognise. All Vito needs to do is to persuade the intrepid pair to swim down and collect his cargo before disposing of them, and sail away on their yacht. Unfortunately, Vito is cursed with dreadful luck, so any plan he formulates is likely to come unstuck, not to mention that Spirou and Fantasio are no fools.

Another excellent Spirou and Fantasio book that rattles along with tension, humour and peril despite it’s small location and limited cast. In fact, Tome and Janry turn this to their advantage and build an excellent comic thriller where you’re constantly left wondering if Vito has just enough good luck left to pull it off. Janry’s artwork is just brilliant throughout, utilising slapstick and pantomime to enhance the comedy, but understanding when to turn on the tension as required. More, please.

And if you liked that: You won’t be disappointed if this is your first Spirou and Fantasio book, but you’d be much better off heading over to www.cinebook.com and getting volume one.

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