Tim Ginger

By Julian HanshawTimGinger
Publisher: Top Shelf Productions
ISBN: 9781603093507

Tim Ginger is a curiously captivating book by British cartoonist Julian Hanshaw. Tim, the hero of the tale, is a retired government test pilot who has retired to a mobile home in New Mexico and lives a quiet life after writing a book about his experiences, making convention appearances, and playing the odd game of cricket with other ex-pats. Following the death of his wife his life is somewhat in limbo, although he doesn’t seem too bothered until at one of his signings he runs into an antagonistic conspiracy theorist and Anna, an old colleague from his test pilot days. These two individuals give Tim cause to reassess who he is and why he isn’t moving on.

The book isn’t about action and adventure but about loss, growing old, being childless, living with your choices and being offered another chance, and it takes its time to allow you to get under the skin of Tim and appreciate why he is this particular man at this particular point of his life. It’s gentle pace allows it to be witty, thoughtful and touching, while it’s off-beat subject matter shows yet again the promise and potential of the medium.

The fact that it was nominated for best book at 2015 British Comic Awards is probably more than enough to tell you everything else you need to know.

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