Peter Duggan’s Artoons

By Peter DugganArtoons
Publisher: Virgin Books
ISBN: 9780753556962

I was reasonably comfortable with what I thought I knew about art, but several times throughout CCGB member Peter’s book I found myself reaching for Google so I could put an artist or a painting into context.  However, you don’t need to be overly familiar with the subject matter to get the gags, but if you’re not up-to-speed then what better way to get introduced.

It’s a good mix of art and artists from across the ages, with plenty of humour mixed in. I loved Rodin’s The Thinker who is antagonising his date because he won’t order something, and Dali’s bafflement as why anyone would want a mobile phone as his is nothing but trouble when it crawls off around the house. My favourite was Joseph & Son Carpentry, though. You’ll have to buy it and see for yourself.

Many of the cartoons have appeared on the Guardian online already, so it’s possible you may already be familiar with them. If not, then there’s plenty for you to discover!

And if you liked that: More great cartoon-filled stocking filler books available from the CCGB website!

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