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Mannequin Variations

That Clip Studio … Mannequins .. How Do they Work then?

Rich Skipworth’s Voyage into the unknown This article appeared in ussue 534 of the Jester Magazine, September 2019 In the course of rummaging about in Clip Studio’s menus and palettes, I stumbled upon something quite amazing. 3D stuff! It’s built in to the software, and it’s gob-smacking! Material [3D] menu Open up a new canvas […]

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Dik, Chris and Chance Browne

Keeping it in the Family

By Mark Warby This article first appeared in Issue 532 of The jester Magazine, July 2019 Cartooning can be a family affair – particularly in America, where at least one cartooning ‘dynasty’ has traversed three generations. Here’s an (almost) A-Z of ‘potted’ biographies of a few cartoonists and their offspring/siblings who have followed in their […]

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Rich Skipworth

That CLIP STUDIO … How’s that work then?

By Rich Skipworth This article appeared in Issue 533 of The Jester magazine, August 2019 ** Click on any image to enlarge *** I’ve been tinkering with some of the default pens in Clip Studio, and one I found a joy to use is the Mapping Pen. It’s incredibly responsive. Clip Studio seems to take […]

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Gerard Hoffnung 11 The Jester, June 2019

The Musical World of Gerard Hoffnung

By Mark Warby This article appeared in issue 531 of The jester magazine, June 2019   Gerard Hoffnung’s brilliant cartoons appeared in Punch, Tatler, Lilliput and numerous other British, American and continental magazines through the 1950s. He was a regular on BBC radio, on panel games like One Minute Please (1951-57) and Call the Tune […]

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A Chat With Cinebook’s Jerome Saincantin & Erica Olson Jeffrey

First of all, please tell the readers briefly who you are and what you do for a living.  J A geek’s dream job, you could say! E I’m Erica Olson Jeffrey. I’m an American who majored in English and minored in International Relations, whatever that actually means. I’m an editor/translator/writer, part-time college professor, part-time jewellery maker, weekend […]

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