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No comment

I use social media mainly as a broadcast channel, publishing cartoons on their own on a daily-ish schedule for the entertainment of my small following and hoping to get the odd ‘like’ or retweet. But sometimes people add comments. Comments tend to fall into four categories: a helpful explanation of the gag, whether to show […]

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Hey, that’s my gag!

How often have you had a cartoon rejected, only to see someone else get the same idea published? It happens all the time and usually purely by chance because, after all, great minds think alike. But it cuts both ways. You can be sure that someone is shouting at the internet or apoplectic with rage […]

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I’m not a lawyer, but…

Like I suppose a lot of people must do, I just started sending unsolicited drawings to magazines in the hope that they would publish them (which to be fair, after 40 years of trying, they did). But then it emerged that my most important client publication has some very firm views about what else I […]

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Antiques Roadshow deck Chairs - Mark Warby

My Antiques Roadshow Adventure

By Mark Warby “Try not to move – we don’t want to have to nail your feet to the ground,” I was told, one day last summer. This wasn’t a threat of imminent torture, though – merely a joke to help put me at ease, when I found myself in front of the TV cameras […]

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