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Lucky Luke Vol 58: The Daltons’ Stash

By Morris Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182980 The Daltons’ Stash throws us another tale centred on the criminal brethren as they learn of a forger’s hidden stash of loot from their jail cell. The fact that the stash is simply a ruse by the forger to encourage the Daltons to escape and give him some peace […]

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Lucky Luke Vol 50: Seven Stories

By Morris & Goscinny Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182263 For this landmark 50th volume Cinebook have compiled seven of Morris And Goscinny’s shorter tales into one book, offering us stories concerning topics such as a dentist-shy kid, a disputed calf, a saloon pianist with grand designs and a look at good ol’ Western hospitality. There’s everything […]

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Lucky Luke Vol 49: The Daltons’ Amnesia

By Gauche, Léturgie & Morris Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 978149182195 During their latest escape attempt the four Dalton brothers manage to tunnel into the neighbouring cell just prior to a visit from the prison authorities. With the tunnel entrance concealed beneath the bunk they learn that the cell’s occupant is suffering from amnesia, and because he […]

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Lucky Luke Vol 46: The Pony Express

By Morris, Fauche & Léturgie Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849181945 In my reviews for Lucky Luke I appear to have missed this one out, so I’m putting that right now! This book isn’t even close to the end of Morris’s long run on Lucky Luke, but it’s well into his run of collaborating with other writers, […]

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