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LOVE And Other Weird Things

By Rich Sparks Publisher: idwpublishing.com ISBN: 9781684055791 Some of you may know Rich Sparks if you follow The New Yorker in one of its many forms, but he’s cropped up in many other places too. His cartoons are curiously odd, a little dark, acerbic and occasionally acidic. Dabbling in the slightly more unsavoury and unwholesome […]

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Gomer Goof Vol 5: Goofball Season

By Franquin Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849184625 For me, what’s most enjoyable about Gomer Goof is Franquin’s deliciously detailed drawing. The panels are chock-full of manic movement, dramatic expressions and little extras that the page pulses with life. Franquin’s an extraordinary cartoonist and made more interesting in that he writes the tales too. Each page is […]

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