Submitting topical cartoons for this website

If you ever think of a cartoon related to current news (political or otherwise), please do send it in to me ( The club committee members act as an editorial board and work we agree are suitable will go into the pipeline and hopefully on to the home page until the next successful submission appears.

Please follow these guidelines to help me out:

  • A square format is ideal (so that the front-page preview is complete)
  • Submit as individual JPG files attached to an email message (not embedded in the message body)
  • Limit file sizes to around 300 kbyte
  • Use a filename composed of your initials and the subject

When submitting you’re welcome to include a link to your on-line presence (if you have one) and other contact details that you are happy for us to publish. Your work and contact details will be displayed on the rolling history of recent news cartoons for a while after it appears on the home page.

Thank you: your contributions keep the Club’s home page fresh