Memories From The Civil War 1

By Marazano & PonzioCover to Memories From The Civil War 1 featuring a desolate figure overlooking a futuristic cityscape
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849185288

There’s something arrestingly beautiful about this depiction of a bleak and hopeless future. Mankind has finally pushed the planet too far and now the remaining humans must live with the consequences. Fortress cities allow a semblance of normality to continue, policed by well-equipped teams that keep order – not to mention, the privileged safe.

All is not well with Virgil, the leader of one of these elite teams. When he sleeps he dreams of a near future where he’s actively involved in tipping the scales of a rebellion. But is this a premonition or a nightmare.

Travelling beyond the enclave the team is involved in an incident that causes Virgil to begin to question just who is giving the orders. The more he questions, the more things begin to unravel.

Interesting tech and class struggles aside, what makes this book particularly interesting, and indeed beautiful, is the artwork. Ponzio’s realism, derived from the use of models, gives the proceedings an unmistakable cinematic feel. Coupled with thoughtful colouring the pages erupt with energy as the emotional nuances are captured by the illustrations. I’ve seen this approach to artwork done before and it doesn’t always work, but here it’s spot on.

There’s lots of ground covered in establishing the plot, with breadcrumbs and hints teased throughout. Quite what Marazano has planned is still up in the air, but, as an opening to the story, this has all the mystery you need to keep you intrigued.

And if you liked that: Check out book 2!

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