Cats Cats Cats

By Lapuss’, Larbier & Paillat
Publisher: Magnetic
ISBN: 9781951719463

I do like a book with cartoons in it, so when I spied this one in a catalogue, along with a few samples of the cartoons, I had to have it.

Not a tremendous cat fan myself – I’m allergic, you see – it’s not an affliction I hold them personally responsible for. So I’m quite happy to delve into a humorous cat video or cartoon book. I’m laughing with them, not at them (ahem).

Written by Lapuss’, and illustrated by the rather excellent Larbier, this is a collection of single-page strips featuring the fickleness and failures of our feline friends. 

No doubt all cat-based calamities are based on the real-life experience of the creators. The gags don’t need to exaggerate behaviours because the moggies are daft enough in their own right.

In one particularly fine eight-panel strip we get to see a cat owner content in his hammock with his favourite puss snuggled on his chest. When it’s time to move the cat hops down and he takes a moment to brush off the worst of the cat hair. That’s not going to do it though, so off comes the shirt and into the washing machine, which the cat enjoys watching as it goes through the spin cycle. Then it’s time to iron and neatly fold, leaving the fresh clean shirt in the basket to be put away. Which also happens to be a great place for the aforementioned cat to snuggle down, bringing us back to square one.

They destroy things, ignore things, chase things and knock things over. They won’t eat what they’re given, demand food at inappropriate times, and do their business everywhere bar the litter tray. Quite frankly, you’ve got to question why anyone wants to have one in their lives. I suppose we’d have nothing to laugh at if that was the case. 

But what really sells this book is Larbier’s cartoons, coupled with Paillat’s colours. They’re brilliantly drawn, managing to be both subtle and charming in their execution. Larbier’s even gone to the trouble to capture the likeness of different breeds. He sets up the gags beautifully, capturing each cat’s character as they nonchalantly wreak havoc in and around the home. 

Regardless of your stance on the animals themselves, there’s much to enjoy within these pages.

And if you liked that: And if you like cat cartoons then you really should be in possession of Anthony Smith’s Learn To Speak Cat: Fake Mews, available now for £9.95 (9781908030474).

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