Return To Aldebaran: Episode 3

By LeoCover to Return To Aldebaran Episode 3
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781800440241

It’s both intriguing and frustrating that after so many books Leo refuses to offer answers to many of the mysteries he introduces in these books. This is not a criticism, though. In fact, it’s commendable. We understand so little of our own planet that to quickly understand histories, alien cultures and other-worldy biospheres in just a handful of pages wouldn’t reflect reality. Instead, what Leo has aimed to harness is curiosity, wonder, and, amongst it all, the best and worst that humanity can offer. Regardless of the amazing new planet, and the flora and fauna it offers, we remain humans reacting with base instincts, greed and altruism in equal measures.

To tie everything up in neat little packages, all explained and understood, would be detrimental. And so, when you get to the end of this final volume, don’t think you’re going to get a tidy conclusion. You’ll understand a little more, but equally you’ll be left wanting, and that’s fine. We live in a universe of incalculable size with myriad wonders, and we are but a pinprick within that enormous canvas. Insignificant, but fascinated by it all all the same. That’s a brave position to take up as a storyteller, but Leo manages it by driving the narrative through the eyes and experiences of the people, not least lead character Kim. Their explorations and discoveries anchor the tales and carry you along on the adventure.

I’ve said very little of the book itself, but that’s largely because I don’t want to spoil anything. Expect weird creatures, strange scenarios, and humans struggling to make sense of it all. All as it should be.

I’d love to read more of these, but Leo’s not a young man. I can only hope he’s got the time and the ability for a little more.

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