Has the live caricaturing market reached saturation point?

by Jed Pascoe

We all know that the traditional markets for cartoonists are dwindling and many of us are searching, quite creatively in some instances, for new customers. Hence the growth in the last ten years of the business of being a 'live' caricaturist.
Working 'On the Spot', a good live artist can earn his keep by selling his caricatures on a one-for-one retail basis, and there will always be a demand at popular tourist resorts for this activity. The guys at Disney make a pretty good living from it, especially those who buy as many franchises as they can afford from the owners then sub-let them to other artists. Personally, I have worked at Thorpe Park and Alton Towers, and had I lived locally, the remuneration would have been fairly decent. Every drawing that an artist working like this produces must be of high calibre for him or her to attract more customers.

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