Robert Mankoff
Released: 28 April, 2003

This book is touted as an entertaining words-and-pictures journey through the art, craft and zen of cartooning, hopefully guiding you through the creative process on your way to cartooning greatness. Actually it's more like a collection of 400 very funny cartoons in a fairly slight book. It's not a bad read, and since it's written by the cartoon editor of the New Yorker he obviously knows a thing or two about the business, yet I found it slightly lacking in any real insight and hadn't gone back to it in the 2 years I've owned it (only searching it out among my collection for this review). You may think it's worth a punt at seven quid but I'd probably save my money and put it towards the Yellow Kid book.

Available from for £7.40 plus p&p

Tim Harries

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