XIII Vol 22: The Martyr’s Message

By Jigounov & Sente
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849183499

This audacious continuation of the XIII series sees Jason torn between self preservation and saving his friends when a well armed and connected brother turns up for revenge. Fortunately for Jason, his contacts are greater still, and the resulting peace deal sees him gather the means to slip out of the US and head to the Netherlands where he aims to shed some light on Dormann, Jason’s childhood guardian. On the journey, in an attempt to avoid trouble and the attention of the police, he steps in and assists with the fare of a young woman in the wrong class carriage, immediately tying himself to a new set of problems that will soon collide with his own.

The broad widescreen panels, excellent pacing and cinematic framing breathe a sense of realism into this book, evoking the atmosphere of the De Niro movie Ronin or the early Bourne films, particularly with the the latter part of the book. With such care and attention paid to the setting, the characters ease in to the scene and play out their parts enhanced by the effort put into their backdrop. The book’s split into neat thirds, with two action set pieces bookending a deeper look at Jason’s past and his family connections, shedding light on to who he is and why so many people are interested in him and what he may know.

Clearly Jason’s not out of the woods yet, but, perhaps, he now has a greater understanding of who he is than ever before.

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