Antares Episode 6

By LeoAntares_6
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849182584

It’s always difficult to go into too much plot detail on a concluding chapter for fear of spoiling the earlier books, so I’ll keep this relatively brief.

This concluding chapter from the current Worlds Of Aldebaran series offers a slight change of pace as story elements are tied up and resolutions take place, which, unfortunately, means a little less space for Leo to play around with weird new flora and fauna although he does manage to cram in a few around the necessary discoveries and revelations, not least a partnership that could make a significant difference to future human expansion across the stars. Excitingly, he also sets up the next cycle of tales which promises to keep Kim busy exploring new unchartered places.

Frankly, Leo can’t produce these books fast enough. They’re constantly fresh and alive with the human race’s potential to colonise other worlds, and not afraid to shy away from the brutal realities that can come from dropping into an unknown, fully functioning ecosystem. Leo underscores why it’s our destiny to do so, but at the same time reminds us of how far we have to go as a species, and as global culture, to make such an immense and difficult undertaking work. Leo’s pretty much cornered the market with this particular brand of science-fiction storytelling and it’s genuinely fascinating throughout.

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