Red Baron Vol 3: Dungeons & Dragons

By Veys & PuertaRedBaron3
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849182522

Veys and Puerta continue their alternative telling of Manfred Von Richthofen’s life, and his singular abilities, in this third volume where we at last get to see the Baron settling into his very conspicuous bright red plane. Now recruited to a new fighter squadron with an emphasis on pushing back against the enemy Richthofen is in his element, but he’s also squarely amongst other pilots from his past who despise him, so now the threat is double-sided. Fortunately, Richthofen’s edge allows him to snatch away any perceived advantage his colleagues think they may have, but that then creates its own set of problems, and there’s still the question of enemy planes to deal with amongst it all.

Really enjoying this now. In the first few pages of the first volume the digital painting and manipulation was so starkly different that I was unsure it suited this sort of work, and if I was persuaded by the end of that book that it worked I’m utterly sold on it now. It manages to bring a cinematic quality to the panels, especially the scenes in the air which thrum with atmosphere and tension. Definitely worth a look at.

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