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The Marvels Vol 1: The War In Siancong

By Busiek, Cinar & Isanove Publisher: Marvel ISBN: 9781302921521 In a word…meh. I loved Kurt Busiek’s Astro City, so these seemed like a no-brainer. It’s a sprawling epic that touches upon much of Marvel’s rich history, with forgotten characters, diverse situations, and plenty of new ideas to boot. And yet, somehow, it doesn’t quite work. […]

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Age Of Ulton

By Bendis, Hitch, Pacheco & Peterson Publisher: Marvel ISBN: 9781846535406 It would be misguided to say that this book spawned the movie – the only real similarity beyond the characters is the name. Whereas the movie plunders years of Ultron-related stories to build a strong introduction to the character in the cinematic world, the comic […]

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