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Antiques Roadshow deck Chairs - Mark Warby

My Antiques Roadshow Adventure

By Mark Warby “Try not to move – we don’t want to have to nail your feet to the ground,” I was told, one day last summer. This wasn’t a threat of imminent torture, though – merely a joke to help put me at ease, when I found myself in front of the TV cameras […]

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Well, if you knows of a better ‘ole, go to it! - Bruce Bairnsfather

Better ‘Ole Centenary – Part 1

To celebrate the centenary of Bairnsfather’s original cartoon, this is the first of two articles by Club member Mark Warby looking at some of the many occasions when the “better ‘ole” has been used by other cartoonists, as well as some of Bairnsfather’s own later published versions of it.

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