The Best Of Britain’s Political Cartoons 2014

BOBPC2014Edited By Tim Benson
Publisher: Scribe
ISBN: 9781922247643

The year, again, seems to slip past swiftly, but twelve months is a long time and it’s easy to forget those individual incidents that punctuate each day’s news. Fortunately, that’s a good thing, because each page of The Best Of Britain’s Political Cartoons offers a snapshot into those moments and brings it all flooding back with wit and intelligence.

Political cartooning is a hugely essential and historically important part of our democratic process, allowing us small folk to put the actions of those in power into perspective. At a time when newspapers and magazines are culling cartoons left, right and centre it is critical that we appreciate how special they are, and this is certainly a good place to start.

The cartoons cover topics such as the continuing, and somewhat worrying, rise of UKIP, the lead up to the Scottish referendum, the floods and the conflicts afflicting Gaza, Syria, Iraq and Ukraine. Although some of those events may be fresh in your memory, it’s the smaller details that you often forget that the cartoonists seize upon to create impact.

Their are some excellent cartoons by some of Britain’s top cartoonists, but my favourite remains the one that’s featured on the cover – sheer genius.

Plenty of time to get a copy in a loved ones Christmas stocking or, for that matter, to add to your own Christmas list.

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