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Please check the application notes and references to samples of work (what to send) below.
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    Members whose subscription has lapsed for over 5 years must re-apply as ‘New’ members.

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    Application notes:

    We invite applications from a both professional and aspiring cartoonists, and anyone involved with the business of cartooning, as follows:

    • Anyone who is selling their work, full-time or part-time, for commercial publication, print and/or digital.
    • Anyone working in the field of live caricature.
    • Anyone using cartoons in live visualisation scenarios (presentations, conferences, etc.)
    • Anyone selling their work on a regular basis for private commission. This would be particularly appropriate for caricaturists with a a record of sales to the private and business sector.
    • Our criteria for full professional membership are that the work should display any or all of the following:
      • Humour
      • Wit
      • Experience in using the cartoon/comic art form for social and/or political comment
      • Experience in using the cartoon/comic art form to illustrate text (fact or fiction)
      • The necessary skills required for any of the various forms of live cartooning and caricature
    • Aspiring cartoonists who have yet to sell their work but who, in the opinion of the committee, show a potential for doing so.
    • Anyone involved with the peripherals of the business: editors, agents, gallery owners, etc.
    • Anyone supporting cartoonists and/or the business of cartooning through active patronage.

    Any or all of the following:

    • Examples of commissioned, published or printed works.
    • Screen shots of media animations etc.
    • Addresses of any websites where your work may be seen.
    • If your specialisation is live cartooning and/or or caricature:
      • Photos of yourself at work.
      • Example of bookings over the previous two years.
      • (Live and commission caricaturists) Photos of clients and your caricature of them


    As of May 1st 2011 membership is £44 per year (payable at £11 per quarter by standing order)

    We also offer a five year membership for a one-off payment of £175

    PLEASE NOTE: Successful applications are entirely at the discretion of the committee. In the case an of unsuccessful application, the committee will provide a reason for its decision and, if applicable, offer advice as to how to address any issues which influenced that decision.