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By Dan McDaid Publisher: A Dr Ink Production The most intriguing and compelling aspect of science fiction is its ability to explore ideas. Whether those ideas are the impacts of new technology, or possible futures for the human race, or even tantalising new forms of life, they all have the potential to fascinate. But another […]

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Distant Worlds: Episode 5

By Leo & Icar Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183857 In this final volume of Distant Worlds Paul’s life is about to change once more. Last seen ascending into a beam of light with a host of Stepanerks we now discover the aftermath. And it’s not what you’d expect. Paul has landed himself the task of saving […]

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Distant Worlds Episode 4

By Leo & Icar Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183840 Paul’s life hasn’t been an easy one of late. After his family made the tremendous journey from Earth to Altair-3 at the request of his father he’s spent all the time since trying to track him down. It’s been one frustration after another. His father always seems […]

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The Secret Of The Aesir

By Alan Langford Publisher: Alan Langford ISBN: 9781916484610 In Scandinavia of the 8th Century, a group of Vikings is taking part in an annual trek to pay homage to Mjolnir, the Norse God of Thunder’s hammer. This is a humongous artifact in the bleak landscape, continually drawing down lightning from the heavens.  The warriors are […]

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IAN Vol 4: Metanoia

By Meyer & Vehlmann Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183819 All too often when reading comics and graphic novels you can pretty much anticipate the various beats and plot direction along the way. So it’s a genuine pleasure to come across a series that defies that. I certainly thought I knew what I was reading in the […]

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Robotman cover

Review – Robotman Takes Off

Robotman Takes Off By Jim Meddick Publisher: World Almanac ISBN: 0886872502 This review was published in Issue 534 of The Jester magazine, September 2019 There’s a lot of strips and cartoonists that I miss. Calvin & Hobbes. The Far Side. Don Martin. However, through the wonders of Facebook all of those regularly turn up on […]

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