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Can anyone identify this cartoonist from the signature and style? Someone bought the drawing in a charity shop and is hoping to find some provenance that would make it auctionable for a good cause. Answers to please

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  1. Glenn Reuben January 5, 2024 at 1:35 pm #

    This “Moz” is Ken Mosley, an American-born cartoonist who, according to a July 1979 article of the Coventry Evening Telegraph, lived in the village of Princethorpe in the Rugby district of Warwickshire. According to this eBay listing, he was part an Antarctic expedition in 1990:

    And here is another of his works:

    Some of his work was also published in the New Yorker and the Toronto Globe. I think he was either 33 or 38 when the 1979 article was written (the text is faded a bit), which puts him as being born in the early to mid-1940s.

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