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Ross Cartoons

By Ross Thomson Publisher: Shaggydoggs Publishing ISBN: 9798507510726 I’ve often mentioned that there just aren’t enough cartoon collections made available any more, so I was extremely pleased to come across this one by Ross Thomson. It’s a collection of 101 of the entries he’s made to international cartoon competitions around the world, for which he’s […]

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Spirou & Fantasio 19: The Visitor From The Mesozoic

By Franquin Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781800440661 As the little disclaimer states at the beginning of this book, this story was written 60 years ago. Consequently, what we now know about dinosaurs and the era they lived in is very different to the narrative liberties taken here. In some respects, they’re no worse than Spielberg upscaling […]

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Revenge Of The Librarians

By Tom GauldPublisher: CanongateISBN: 9781838858216 Always guaranteed to be a treat, there’s a new Tom Gauld cartoon collection available. If you’re not aware of Tom’s work then pay attention ’cause you’re missing out. Although this collection focuses primarily on all things books, he’s just as comfortable with science, history, philosophy and pop culture. It’s the […]

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Cats Cats Cats

By Lapuss’, Larbier & Paillat Publisher: Magnetic ISBN: 9781951719463 I do like a book with cartoons in it, so when I spied this one in a catalogue, along with a few samples of the cartoons, I had to have it. Not a tremendous cat fan myself – I’m allergic, you see – it’s not an […]

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Swamp: Continue To Hold

By Gary Clark Publisher: Swamp Productions Pty Ltd ISBN: 9789490008260 Gary Clark’s Swamp strip is one of the funniest, most versatile comic strips being published today. Set in an Australian swamp, it features frogs, rats, dung beetles, mosquitos, crayfish and an awful lot of ducks. The ducks are the most analogous to humans (although humans […]

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