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2020 – The Year We Were All Cancelled

By Stella Published by: Radical Cartoons ISBN: 9781527271432 Cartoon compilations of any year make for an amusing and thoughtful read, but 2020 will have special significance for the rest of our lives. Stella has put together her year with a selection of bold political and social commentary cartoons that not only chart what was happening […]

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Make Love Not War or We'll Kill You - John Jensen

‘Make Love Not War Or We’ll Kill You’ Prague Spring 1968 in Cartoons

Fifty years since the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia quashed the Prague Spring, a new exhibition called ‘MAKE LOVE NOT WAR OR WE’LL KILL YOU’ at Czech Centre London looks at how thirteen cartoonists in the Czech and British press interpreted the politics of the time through satire in over forty political cartoons. The dramatic events […]

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On the Right lines -Celebrating 50 years of cartoons in The Daily Telegraph

On the Right lines

The Political Cartoon Gallery celebrates 50 years of cartoons in The Daily Telegraph with a new exhibition. Featuring original work by Daily Telegraph cartoonists from Nick Garland to Matt, Richard Cole, John Jensen, Patrick Blower, Christian Adams and Bob Moran and covers British politics from Harold Wilson to David Cameron. ‘On the Right lines – Celebrating 50 years of cartoons […]

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The Best Of Britain’s Political Cartoons 2014

Edited By Tim Benson Publisher: Scribe ISBN: 9781922247643 The year, again, seems to slip past swiftly, but twelve months is a long time and it’s easy to forget those individual incidents that punctuate each day’s news. Fortunately, that’s a good thing, because each page of The Best Of Britain’s Political Cartoons offers a snapshot into […]

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