Thorgal Vol 24: The Battle Of Asgard

By Rosinski & SenteAn army of Loki's giants tower over smaller warriors
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849184946

Thorgal has been one of Cinebook’s gems, a series that has defied expectations with every new book. I’d read about some dissatisfaction with the Jolan-led stories when they were initially published, but I’ve not had too much of an issue with them. This is probably largely due to the continuity offered by Rosinski staying on with the artwork, even though Van Hamme stepped aside for Sente to take over the writing. Van Hamme is a tough act to follow, and I’ve quite enjoyed Sente’s take on the blend of myth of history.

In this volume, Jolan is tasked with taking an army of doll soldiers into Asgard to claim an apple that bestows youth. To do so, he must use Thor’s shield to gain entry, and, once inside, seek out the goddess Idun and request the fruit. But Jolan is walking into the home of the trickster god, Loki, who is playing his own games.

The story is intertwined with Thorgal’s search for Jolan, offering a stark contrast to the magical escapades in Asgard. The titular battle is, to be fair, a little underwhelming and brief. I’d have gladly seen something grander, especially if Rosinski was drawing it. In truth, though, there aren’t too many Thorgal stories left by Rosinski, so I’ll take what I can.

If you’ve not read Thorgal before but enjoyed Slaine in 2000AD, then this is likely to interest you. Jump on back at volume one and enjoy the ride.

And if you liked that: Volume 25, The Blade-Ship, is coming soon.

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