Zookie The Dragon: Book Two

By Keri JohnsonHead of Zookie the Dragon is reaching in from the right and breathing fire.
Publisher: Keri Johnson
ISBN: 979884461553

When Keri first joined the Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain she was still finding her feet as a cartoonist. She had the ideas, the skills, and a direction she wanted to take, but getting there was going to take a lot of time and hard work. 

 Her creation, Zookie the Dragon, is published regularly online and funded by a growing fanbase, and it’s those fans that have helped get this second collection off of the ground via a crowdfunder.

Keri’s growing confidence as both an illustrator and a writer is for all to see here. Her linework is slicker, her poses more fluid, and she doesn’t shy away from making the most of each new comic frame. 

Zookie, and the other inhabitants of Barrel Hill,  are loveable, funny, and quirky, managing to avoid crass gags and inappropriate humour to deliver a genuinely family-friendly strip with plenty of appeal. It’s easy to see why the strip’s popularity is growing.

To have achieved so much – with no syndication or support beyond the kindness of regular readers – is an amazing achievement and, better still, she’s not done yet. 

So, if you’ve not been introduced to Zookie, now’s the time get a copy and start believing in dragons.

And if you liked that: You can get your copy (and book one) direct from Amazon, but you may want to spend a few minutes checking out Keri’s website first at www.zookiecartoons.com

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