Alcohol & Painkillers: Rich Nairn’s Journal Of A Hopeful Halfwit March–October 2021

By Rich Nairn
Publisher: Rich Nairn

Rich’s third volume of his Covid journal brings us into slightly more relaxed and less restrictive times. Even now the pandemic is still with us, but for the period this book covers, March to October 2021, the palpable relief of doing at least some things normally is clearly relished.

Not least, this involves a return to Rich’s lucrative and enjoyable income stream as a wedding caricaturist. It’s clearly something he’s missed, and his slight discomfort in his now too-tight waistcoat is surely something we can all relate to.

Rich has self-deprecation down to an artform, and if anyone comes off badly in here as he charts the day-to-day shenanigans he gets up to, it’s him. And you can’t help but like him all the more for it.

But what also works is that this is an everyman tale. We’ve all lived it and struggled through it, and although some of the circumstances differ, there are plenty of experiences that ring so true. One of the strongest echoes of my experience was Rich’s trip to the opticians. It’s not easy needing new specs when your income’s taken such a knock over the past year.

But there’s more in here than Covid. As life stumbles towards some sort of normality, other distractions rear their heads (a trip to see Ricky Gervais), projects get developed (successful Kickstarter), and his daughter faces the prospect of starting school. A right mix of triumphs and worries that have little or no bearing on Covid whatsoever.

It’s been a mammoth task for Rich to put these books together, and his dedication and honesty are to be applauded. Each one has been refreshingly fun and enjoyable throughout. In fact, just what was needed.

The book’s available now, direct from Amazon.

And if you liked that: Pick up books one and two to get the whole unadulterated picture. 

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