Alcohol & Painkillers: Journal Of A Lockdown Layabout – Sep 2020-Feb 2021

By Rich NairnCover to Alcohol & Painkillers Book 2
Publisher: Rich Nairn
ISBN: 9798726737454

Having really enjoyed the first of Rich Nairn’s cartoon diaries, charting the global pandemic and his part in it, I was particularly tickled to be sent volume two.

As with the first book, this is instantly relatable. We’ve all been there doing it (or rather, not doing it) too. It’s also brutally honest as well. Challenges include how two parents of a toddler struggle to fill endless empty days, alcohol consumption, and the conflicting emotions surrounding protecting elderly parents.

Each of Rich’s diary entries is a single page, and he has a neat knack of seizing on something that has happened and spinning a concise yarn or delivering a tidy punchline, either through the writing or his accompanying cartoons. He’s also not afraid to self-deprecate, which makes for some deliciously funny moments.

Marvel at his midnight trip to the gym with the phantom cyclist, his struggles with “Click & Collect”, and his discovery that not everyone can tense the muscle in your ear (I can). All against a background of facemasks, Government U-turns, vaccine rollouts, and the American 2020 election.

He’s the cartooning Samuel Pepys, and years from now schoolchildren will be studying his tomes to find out just exactly how we got through it all. Possibly.

And if you liked that: Pick up the first book too, both available on Amazon.

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