Asterix & The Missing Scroll

By Ferri & ConradAsterixAndTheMissingScroll
Publisher: Orion
ISBN: 9781510100459

It’s another welcome return for Asterix and Obelix in this latest adventure by the new creative team of Jean-Yves Ferro and Didier Conrad. On this occasion the tale involves Caesar writing his memoirs based around his time warring in Gaul, and although a major hit with the reading public is expected, Caesar’s publishers fear the chapter about his run-ins with the indomitable Gauls of a certain little fishing village could lead to some egg on face. So that particular chapter is cut and the offending copies of the scrolls seized, except one scroll falls into the hands of a Roman journalist called Confoundtheirpolitix who intends for the truth to be told.

With a nice mix of classic Asterix humour, familiar faces and some contemporary satire, Ferri’s script manages to capture the heart of what a good Asterix book should be about, from poking fun at the bullies, standing up for what’s right, and doing the right thing for the right reasons, and if that means knocking a few Roman heads together then so be it. Also, anyone familiar with Edward Snowden or the Wikileaks news stories will be raising a smile too.

A special mention about Conrad’s art – he does an astounding job following the style of Uderzo, so it’s very easy to forget that someone else other than the original artist has worked on it. A truly outstanding effort.

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