Evil Emperor Penguin Vol 1

By Laura Ellen AndersonEvilEmpPenguin_1
Publisher: David Fickling Books
ISBN: 9781910200513

David Fickling Books continue their series of quality Phoenix Comic collections with the dastardly Evil Emperor Penguin, a behemoth of crime and disorder whose only goal is to take over the world. Unfortunately for him he’s not particularly good at it, and is aided and abetted by the planet’s cutest abominable snowman clone and a dapper octopus who is all rather too polite for the career he’s carved out for himself.

The book collects the weekly strips from the Phoenix, so is a number of short, sharp chapters punctuated by evil intent and general disaster, including the creation of an equally evil nemesis for Evil Emperor Penguin in the form of Evil Cat (there’s plenty of uses of the word evil which will tickle your funny bone, including Corridor of Evil, Bedroom of Evil and, naturally, Periscope of Evil) who ends up side-tracking our feathered despot with his own nefarious schemes.

It’s extremely daft and a lot of fun, and it’s creator Laura Ellen Anderson clearly seems to get what makes kids chuckle (check out where Keith the Unicorn’s rainbow trail eminates from). So if you’re not already ignoring those rather desperate other ‘comics’ that seem to think some throw-away tat in a plastic bag is what constitutes a good read then this collection is an ideal place to start and discover just why the Phoenix is a great read for kids. Go get yours.

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