Thorgal Vol 8: Wolf Cub

/By Rosinski & Van Hamme
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 978-1-84918-036-8

Thorgal is returning home so Aaricia can give birth to their child in the house in which she was born. However, on their journey they encounter Vikings from the south with an ambitious leader who wants Thorgal to accompany them on a raid to Northumbria. Thorgal refuses and a fight follows, but although Thorgal is victorious he and his family find themselves abandoned on the shore as the Vikings commandeer their vessel.

With Aaricia days from giving birth they must now make the effort to get to the village on foot, not knowing that they're walking into the Viking chief's trap. Their party gradually becomes separated and the trap is sprung, and all would be lost if not for one individual's burning desire for revenge.

Another excellent Thorgal tale and more wonderfully evocative artwork from Rosinski. There's so much going on in these books, with their gentle blending of genres, historical settings and good old fashioned adventure that they're worthy of an instant second reading. Still one of my favourite titles.

And if you liked that: There's a new volume out soon!

Wolf Cub (Thorgal) (Book)
Author: Jean Van Hamme
Publisher: CINEBOOK
Published: 2010-06-03
Number of pages: 48
ISBN: 1849180350
Price: £5.99
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7 used from £2.73

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