Bunny vs Monkey Book 1

By Jamie Smart
Publisher: David Fickling Books
ISBN: 9781910200070

If ever a modern strip struck a chord with kids, it’s Bunny vs Monkey. While there are plenty of worthy contenders, particularly from the pages of the Phoenix, this is the one I hear most enthused about when I talk to kids.

It’s not an overtly difficult plot. Bunny and his buddies Pig and Weenie have their peaceful woodland home disturbed when scientists crash land a spacecraft containing a monkey just a short distance from the launch site. The monkey, believing he’s arrived on a new world, declares it Monkeyopia, and sets about being a general nuisance, either attempting to destroy the woods, obliterate nature in general, or just be a flippin’ great pest. Along the way Monkey teams up with the diabolical genius that is Skunky, the somewhat cerebrally deficient Action Beaver and the powerful Metal Steve, while Bunny, Pig and Weenie make a reluctant friend in Le Fox. Each strip, typically, involves Monkey using an invention of Skunky’s to wreak havoc and Bunny and gang having to deal with the consequences.

There’s a little hint of Happy Tree Friends in the ensuing chaos (albeit not so bloody) but it certainly thrums with a voice of its own, largely because of Jamie Smart’s comedic talents, well-paced storytelling, and outlandish plots. Whether it’s the utter stupidity of Pig and Weenie, the ruthless certainty of Monkey’s plotting or the plain weirdness of the situations, it’s pretty obvious why the humour is so appealing to kids, but it’s also going to have a lot to do with the cast all being so darn cute.

As this is a collection of the strips from the beginning you can appreciate how the scenarios and stories become bolder and more confident with the subject matter as time goes by, from the absurd quest for the Whuppabaloo to the rather adorable moustachioed-and-top-hat-wearing monkey attempting to buy the woods whilst in disguise. There’s something here to tickle your funny bone whatever your age.

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Bunny vs Monkey: Book 1 (The Phoenix Presents) (Book)
Author: Jamie Smart
Publisher: David Fickling Books
Published: 2014-06-05
Number of pages: 80
ISBN: 1910200077
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