Bear’s Tooth 4. Amerika Bomber

By Yann & HenrietFemale pilot stands on a destroyed yellow taxi amidst the ruins of New York as German planes sail overhead.
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781800440869

It’s been a while since the last Bear’s Tooth book which cunningly allows the creators to tease us a little with what we can remember. The striking cover image of Hanna stood amid the ruins of New York while advanced German planes sail overhead suggests we may be getting an abrupt turn towards alt-history. This sleight of hand continues for the opening pages, and it’s brilliantly executed. A hard cold opening to draw the reader deep within the page.

But the reality is somewhat different. It’s still the last days of World War II where the Allies are already carving up the spoils of a broken Third Reich, but that doesn’t mean to say the Nazis are out of options. Hanna has been tasked with getting to a second prototype bomber to deliver its payload, and Werner is along for the ride. He has an opportunity to stop a mass killing by taking one life, but that life is of his childhood friend.

Arriving at the secret base carved beneath the German countryside, the pair of them are thrown amongst the desperate remnants of the German forces, ready for one final roll of the dice. And all the time, the allies move closer.

There are some fantastic illustrations of aircraft in here, both in the air and on the ground. A wondrous sense of scale and power is conveyed in their execution, enabling a unique tale to be told about the war. Werner’s dilemma and Hanna’s misguided loyalty keep the momentum going as unsavoury supporting characters make themselves known. Yann and Henriet are taking every opportunity to exploit this period of confusion as the Allies advance. It works tremendously.

The suggestion that we’re reading an alt-history story may not be far from the truth.

And if you liked that: Book five is on its way soon.

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