The Bluecoats Vol 15: Bull Run

By Lambil and Cauvin

Publisher: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781800440616

Having recently read a novel about the battle of Bull Run, this latest Bluecoats adventure had me itching to read it. It involves a look back to the very first battle of the war where, as far as the North was concerned, victory was inevitable and the whole conflict would be over in no time at all. Except, that isn’t what happened.

Of course, in terms of the story, both Blutch and Chesterfield were there, although it’s very much a scenario Chesterfield doesn’t wish to revisit. But when a new recruit asks about it, Blutch takes him to one side and tells the whole sorry tale – which we get to follow.

Making history accessible in this manner, where a fictional narrative is interwoven with dramatic events, is a great way to discover the past. And this was one extraordinary battle, so well worth exploring. From the accompanying audience who viewed the whole thing as if it was theatre to the surprising triumph of the underdogs, Bull Run didn’t nip the war in the bud. Instead, it sowed the seeds for the many future battles and skirmishes to come.

Bluecoats is so well crafted by Lambil and Cauvin that regardless of your age, country of origin, or knowledge of American history, you can’t help but enjoy it. And learn something too. The fact they’re able to inject humour without sacrificing quality is a testament to their storytelling abilities.

And if you liked that: A new volume is on the way

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