Lament Of The Lost Moors Vol 3: Lady Gerfaut

By Rosinski & DufauxLOTLM_3
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 9781849182706

Set in the land of Eruin Dulea, somewhere that wouldn’t look out of place alongside Winterfell, this third volume sees that some time has passed since Siobhán took the throne and a degree of peace and prosperity has settled under her rule. Séamus remains at her side as her protector and advisor, and it’s while riding with him through a nobleman’s land that they seek shelter in the local keep and discover a man, Kyle of Klanach, shamed by the dishonour brought upon him by his father’s actions. Siobhán is immediately taken with him although she does not reveal her true identity as she encourages him to attend court.

Meanwhile the son of another house is seeking power on behalf of his sinister mother who wants to see her family take the throne, and it’s through her plotting that Siobhán faces her greatest danger as black magic threatens to return to haunt her.

This volume raises the stakes considerably in terms of creativity and storytelling compared to the last, making for an engaging read from the off-set. For me, what really sells this book and brings the entire tale bursting off the page is Rosinski’s artwork, gloriously capturing the nuances of a bygone era from the banners hanging from a castle chamber’s ceiling to the dress of the populace, from the castles and keeps in their windswept locations to the gnarled and twisted forests where they hunt mhombas. Dufaux’s dark undercurrent to the narrative pulses on Rosinski’s page, creating something that is both beautiful and eerie.

The conclusion wasn’t quite what I’d anticipated at all, so looking forward to where they plan to take this next.

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