The Terrible Tales Of The Teenytinysaurs!

By Gary Northfield
Publisher: Walker BooksTeenytinysaurs

ISBN: 9781406333268

It’s got dinosaurs! It’s got bodily functions! It’s got daftness by the bucketload! Dave, Ronnie, Thomas, Reggie and Natasha are a bunch of little dinosaurs looking for fun and adventure somewhere in the deep mesozoic. Like all kids, everything’s exciting, everything’s brilliant and terrible, crippling danger and death barely scrape their attention in their headlong rush to the next thing to do.

The books broken down into small story segments dealing with a different exploit that the chums have gotten themselves in to, including the hideous cave of the bogey monster (plus origin story!), a trip to the bottom of the sea, and a journey through the digestive system of Thomas’s brother, Colin. There’s a fair bit of ‘yuk’ or ‘ugh’ going on at some point, and it’s not often you can say that snot adds a little something to a book’s charm. My particular favourite is a chapter called Foul Play, where the boys are playing football with a coconut that bounces out of their control and into the shadow of an enormous sauropod’s behind. Spying Natasha nearby they shout at her to retrieve it only for said enormous dinosaur to make a little more room for some more vegetable matter by expelling the previous load. Spying Natasha under a gigantic pile of poo Dave launches a rescue mission, whereby he successfully rescues… the coconut. I laughed.

There’s a vibrancy to Northfield’s artwork that captures the mania and fun of his characters perfectly. The tales are absurd and funny and perfect for kids, and this adult loved ‘em too.

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