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Valerian & Laureline By… Where Stories Are Born

By Christin & Augustin Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781800440975 With the main series concluded, this is the second stand-alone book. The ‘Valerian And Laureline By…’ umbrella allows different creative teams to offer their particular take on the characters. Or, at least, one of them is different here. For, in this case, Pierre Christen returns to write […]

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The Thirteenth Floor: Vol 01

By Wagner, Grant & Ortiz Publisher: Rebellion ISBN: 9781781086537 Undoubtedly an exercise in nostalgia, this is a book that ticks all the boxes when it comes to reliving one’s childhood. I was a year or two off of being a teenager when the comic Scream launched. My friend discovered it first and it was only […]

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Ken Reid’s Creepy Creations

By Ken Reid Publisher: Rebellion ISBN: 9781781086605 Brilliantly, there’s another Ken Reid collection available, this time featuring his Creepy Creations from Shiver and Shake. The concept was quite simple. Children sent in their suggestions for a monster, possibly in the form of a sketch, and Ken would then let loose his creative talents to draw […]

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