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Perdy Vol 1: Flowers. Sex. Robbery.

By Kickliy Publisher: Image ISBN: 9781534308473 Well, here’s a fresh spin on the western genre. A hard-hitting, hard-drinking, foul-mouthed outlaw, and she’s a woman. Perdy lets nothing stand in her way. Released from prison after a lengthy stay she wants to recover some hidden loot and get back to the way things were., which is […]

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Manchette’s Fatale

By Cabanes & Headline Publisher: Titan ISBN: 9781782766827 Adapted from the 1970s’ crime noir novel, this is an incredibly impressive telling of the tale beautifully illustrated and painted by Max Cabanes. It follows the story of Aimée Joubert, a woman consumed with a need for vengeance that has turned her into a ruthless killer, travelling […]

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