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Cover to Memories From The Civil War 1 featuring a desolate figure overlooking a futuristic cityscape

Memories From The Civil War 1

By Marazano & Ponzio Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849185288 There’s something arrestingly beautiful about this depiction of a bleak and hopeless future. Mankind has finally pushed the planet too far and now the remaining humans must live with the consequences. Fortress cities allow a semblance of normality to continue, policed by well-equipped teams that keep order […]

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SAM Vol 4: We’ll Never Forget You

By Marazano & Shang Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849183673 This concluding volume to the series sees the teens taking their fight directly to the machines. Encouraged by Ian’s escape, he leads the group deep into the bowels of the earth to where the robots have seemingly commandeered some sort of government or military facility. All of […]

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Orbital Vol 8: Contacts

By Pellé & Runberg Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849184977 We’ve had to wait patiently, but the final edition of Orbital has arrived to tie up the intergalactic tale. From the beginning it’s been an ambitious story that has been keen to set itself apart from other sci-fi fiction. For my money, it has succeeded in this […]

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Clear Blue Tomorrows

By Meyer, Gazzotti & Vehlmann Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182843 The future is a terrible place, where a global corporation called TechnoLab holds the upperhand in everyone’s lives. Dissent is impossible due to  a side-effect of cerebral implants that boost mental ability, so the status quo is secure, so one man, Nolan Ska, builds a time […]

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