The Little Red Nose-E-book of Cartoons


A special charity e-book of 101 cartoons produced by The Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain in aid of Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day. All proceeds from this book will be donated to Comic Relief.

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The Little Red Nose-E-Book of Cartoons is a special charity e-book in aid of Red Nose Day, and features 101 cartoons by some of the UK’s top cartoonists. It has been specially put together by The Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain which is donating all proceeds from this book to Comic Relief.

The Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain is the UK’s largest cartoonists’ organisation, providing a social base for UK cartoonists wherever they may live or work. So it seems natural that we should try and do something funny for money and support Comic Relief in it’s 25th year of Red Nose Day. Every penny we raise with this book will go to help the Comic Relief projects transforming the lives of countless people, both here at home in the UK and across Africa. We hope you’ll get a few laughs over the 101 cartoons and ask your friends to buy it too.

Find out more about Comic Relief at, and more about the Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain at

Cartoonists featured:

Alan Turner, Alex Noel Watson, Alex Matthews, Alexander Williams, Alexei Talimonov, Amanda Jenkins, Andrew Mitchell, Andy Davey, Andy Vine, Anthony Hutchings, Anthony Smith, Steve Best (Bestie), Bill Houston, Bill LaRocque, Bill Newton, Bill Tidy, Brenda Romans, Chris Williams, Christopher Gill, Colin Whittock, Dave Chisholm, Dave Gaskill, Duncan Bourne, Euphrosene Labon, Fran Orford, Frank Canning, Fred Higton, Geoffrey Whitehead, Gerard Whyman, Graham Waters, Han Lockhart, Helen King, Ian Baker, Ian Ellery, Jim Barker, Jock Davies, John Jensen, John Stilgoe, Kate Taylor, Kerina Strevens, John Landers, Lance Sucharov, Mark Tippett, Matthew English, Matthew Harding, Mike Turner, Nathan Ariss, Neil Dishington, Nigel Sutherland, Noel Ford, Paul Jennings, Paul Mahoney, Pete Ellis, Pete Dredge, Peter Finch, Rich Skipworth, Rob Nesbitt, Robert Duncan, Robert Haycock, Roger Penwill, Ron McGeary, Rory Walker, Royston Robertson, Rupert Besley, Alan Scragg (Scraggie), Shaun Raven, Simon Chadwick, Steven Smith, Ted Genever, Terry Christien, Terry Fulham, Tim Cordell, Tim Harries, Tim Leatherbarrow, Tom Williams, Tony Chapman, Tony Eden, William Rudling


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