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Recounting Streets

By Juan Berrio Publisher: Kettledrummer Books/Diabolo Ediciones ISBN: 9788415153665 City-life has a unique vibrancy that makes it the ideal backdrop to many an unfolding drama across a dozen genres. Juan Berrio has attempted to bring the city into the centre stage, often making the streets and the buildings as much a part of the tales […]

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Lucky Luke Vol 47: Outlaws

By Morris Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182010 I have to confess that I’d not realised that the Daltons were based upon a real-life gang until I read this (although they weren’t all brothers) and that their depiction here, and the story’s outcome, resulted in the creation of a second gang of Daltons – their equally despicable […]

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Little Death

By Thomas Kriebaum Publisher: Soaring Penguin Press ISBN: 9781908030047 Spotted this one on sale at the Lakes International Comics Art Festival, and it’s a good one. A simple premise, where Death is represented in the form of a small but dapper businessman complete with briefcase. The set up is almost always the same with Little […]

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