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Even More Bad Parenting Advice

By Guy Delisle Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly ISBN: 9781770461673 This is a follow-up to Guy Delisle’s A User’s Guide To Neglectful Parenting, a rather splendid collection of somewhat frightening yet recognisable scenarios we parents get to face. What’s good about this book, and its predecessor, is that it does make you feel you’re not alone, […]

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Iznogoud & The Jigsaw Turk (Vol 11)

By Goscinny & Tabary Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182096 I like Iznogoud a lot. I like its punchy, clipped storytelling, its absurdly farcical set-ups, its rapid wit and Tabary’s manic cartooning. It’s a quick-fire sketch-show of a book and I couldn’t recommend it more to anyone that enjoys a good comic or cartoon. In this volume […]

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By Williams & D’Israeli Publisher: Titan Comics ISBN: 9781782760092 Michael Fisher is an ordinary bloke, altogether rather unremarkable and, if truth be told, a bit of a loser. There’s nothing special about Michael. Then one morning, for no apparent reason, the population of the world suddenly start to display superpowers in a dizzying array of […]

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Swamp: On The Road Again & Swamp: Top Of The Heap

By Gary Clark Publisher: Swamp Productions Pty.Ltd ISBN: 9780994197801 & 9780994197818 Gary Clark’s been hard at work putting together two new collections of Swamp cartoon strips for our amusement, combining current strips and a section of strips stretching back to the early days of Swamp life. In fact, those latter strips are rather interesting (as […]

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Recounting Streets

By Juan Berrio Publisher: Kettledrummer Books/Diabolo Ediciones ISBN: 9788415153665 City-life has a unique vibrancy that makes it the ideal backdrop to many an unfolding drama across a dozen genres. Juan Berrio has attempted to bring the city into the centre stage, often making the streets and the buildings as much a part of the tales […]

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Lucky Luke Vol 47: Outlaws

By Morris Publisher: Cinebook ISBN: 9781849182010 I have to confess that I’d not realised that the Daltons were based upon a real-life gang until I read this (although they weren’t all brothers) and that their depiction here, and the story’s outcome, resulted in the creation of a second gang of Daltons – their equally despicable […]

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