Make Humour – Not War!

FECO (The Federation of Cartoonists' Organisations) is currently running an On-Line exhibition, 'Make Humour – Not War!' at it's web site


In this months FECO News Bulletin Malene Pohle, FECO President General says: Though it may seem quite boring to carry on talking about the caricatures of Muhammad it will never be boring to say and to repeat how important it is to defend freedom; when I say freedom I mean of course freedom of speech and freedom of the press and all that has to do with freedom.

The Greek use the world Eleftheria when they mean freedom; and they remark that this is not a gift offered to us but something we have to fight for. This is what we do.

When we put our gallery Make humour not war on the web, (go to we didn't know what was going to happen, who was going to send us works and what kind of works they were going to be but we promised to put all the cartoons on the site. This was a challenge and also a way to insist on our freedom and the result is an exceptional gallery of cartoons and comics from every side, to put it simply. The intention is to speak with honesty and comradeship and say how important freedom is for all of us; we have to defend it and not let anybody or anything restrict our intelligence and our independence for saying or drawing whatever we feel like.

You can visit the On-Line exhibition Here

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