Doctor Who returns to the Cartoon Museum

Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion by Chris Achilleos

Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion – Chris Achilleos

Doctor Who rematerialises at the Cartoon Museum in an exhibition of original cover artwork from the Target Books adaptations of the classic series.

Long out of print, the Target series was extremely popular when originally published from the 1970s until the early 90s, as they were the only way that fans could revisit an episode after it had aired. This is the first time that the artwork has been publicly exhibited, and will feature over 30 pieces, including six new reissue covers from original 1970s cover artist Chris Achilleos

I am delighted to be back on board after so many years. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, illustrating the jackets in the original old style – it felt just the same, and I am looking forward to signing them for the fans.’ Chris Achilleos

The exhibition also features over ten classic covers by Achilleos from The Daleks through to Revenge of the Cybermen, over 15 covers by Andrew Skilleter from Destiny of the Daleks through to The Mark of the Rani and other classic and well-loved original cover artwork such as Death To The Daleks by Roy Knipe and Horror of Fang Rock by Jeff Cummins, and later artwork by David McAlister and Tony Masero.

 “To finally see some of these memorable covers in the flesh is a wonderful, unexpected treat. It’s a testament to their terrific, punchy immediacy that they feel both nostalgic and band new. Show a copy of any one of these glorious novelisations to people of a certain age and they are transported back to a simpler, cosier age. Some of my memories of them are imprinted with Proustian clarity, like my very own, Time Lord-flavoured Madeleine cakes. It became a wonderful ritual, saving pocket money, then deciding which Target book to go for. I devoured them. Not literally. Though I did live in the north and was always hungry…”
Mark Gatiss, actor and writer

 “In those long ago and almost unimaginable days before streaming, or DVDs, or VHS and Betamax, the Target novels were a way of keeping the glow of the Who adventure around. And at the age I read them I was mainly living in books. Some of the early Target novels I can still recall fondly. There was something rattly and challenging about the best of them – they looked under the surface of things I took for granted, which I think was only right. Always to be left cover-down after reading at night in case the monster escaped from the cover.”
A.L. Kennedy, bestselling author

Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks by Chris Achilleos

Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks – Chris Achilleos

Seven classic Doctor Who Target novels are to be published 28th April by BBC Books, price £6.99 in paperback and eBook.

Doctor Who: The Target Books Artwork,runs from 28th April to 11th May.

The Cartoon Museum
35 Little Russell Street
London WC1A 2HH
Mon – Sat, 10.30 – 17.30
and Sun, 12.00 – 17.30.


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